9 to 5 (1/19/2011) Review

9 to 5 1/19/11

9 to 5 is what Dilbert would be like if Dilbert wasn’t funny. Seriously, this joke is terrible. Trying to guess what kind of pie the pie chart is? That’s the kind of joke a 2nd grader makes when they first learn about pie charts. And not the cool 2nd graders either… the lame ones that sit in the corner picking their nose all day.

The boss here would have to expect Sims to make these kinds of jokes. The man is wearing a bowtie and suspenders for crying out loud. There are very few people that can pull off that look, and Sims doesn’t seem like one of them. Instead, he comes across as a half-assed clown of a man.

Final verdict: That pie chart kind of looks like a beach ball.

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