Pluggers (1/22/2011)

Pluggers 1 22 2011

This is a problem that you encounter when using anthropomorphic animals. We’ve already seen a strip with sentient dogs so this strip has all kinds of weird connotations.

First, that presumably intelligent dog is laying on the bed completely naked. Second, when the bear leaves the shower, he will be naked (since the dog is laying on his pajamas). I don’t think it’s a stretch of logic to say that the bear is going to have sex with that dog… and that’s just awful.

What exactly is Pluggers trying to say with this strip? Are we to believe that Pluggers like to have sex after a shower and before bed, but only in the winter? As if the intraspecies loving was kinky enough, now they need very specific conditions to make it work. Gross.

Pluggers 1 22 2011 zoom

Look at that dog’s expression. It’s not excited about the upcoming events. In fact, it looks downright terrified. And really, it should be. The bear is easily 10 times its size. That poor dog. It’s almost as if this is going to happen against the dog’s will…. Oh no…

Final verdict: Pluggers are serial rapists.

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