Luann (1/23/2011) Review

Luann 1 23 2011

I’m assuming the joke here is that Luann’s mom is pretending to be a robot. With Luann comics you can never really be sure of the joke… maybe she really does have a robot that looks just like her mom. That’d be funnier than the real joke actually.

I have to wonder about the sequence of events here… Did Luann’s mom just happen to be walking by with an arm full of laundry when she overheard her daughter’s conversation? That seems unlikely because of the “Mombot” sign on her chest. Either that’s a huge coincidence, or she would have run back to the kitchen / office, grabbed a sheet of paper, written Mombot on it, and attached it to her shirt… all with a load of laundry in her arms. No, it’s much more likely that she was sitting just outside Luann’s door, listening in on her daughter’s conversation with a notepad and pen. Why? Who knows… maybe she just wants to be informed about her daughter’s life. Maybe she’s hoping to hear something juicy, which she would then write down and read during her “personal” time. Whatever the reason, she decided this inane conversation about robots was the perfect opportunity for a joke. She wrote down Mombot, grabbed some stuff from the nearby linen closet, and made her grand gift to the comedy world. Look at her expression in panel 3… she’s damn satisfied with her joke. Sorry Mombot, but Mitch Hedberg you ain’t.

Also, Walmart has sold Roomba robotic vaccuums for years. Jesus, get with the times Bernice.


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