Bleu Ribbon Burger from Red Robin Review

Bleu Ribbon Burger
The Bleu Ribbon Burger from Red Robin

A short introduction about my eating habits: Usually, my meals are pretty healthy. I’m perfectly fine with a mix of vegetables and fruit for lunch and I don’t ever eat dessert. And I mean it… the last piece of candy I had was in 2008 (it was a Reese’s cup)

Not pictured: Something I would eat

But, I do have a soft spot for a good hamburger. When I was young and uncivilized, I would opt for a bacon cheeseburger (like a heathen) Now that I have seen the world, I understand that the only way to go is with a bleu cheese burger (a burger topped with crumbled bleu cheese and barbeque sauce)

Obi Wan Kenobi
“It’s an elegant burger for a more civilized age”

Red Robin’s take on this sandwich is the Bleu Ribbon Burger. And it’s really damn good. I’m always hesitant to eat burgers at chain restaurants. They’re usually overcooked, flavorless meat with terrible toppings. Red Robin gets it right though. The hamburger has a lot of flavor, the toppings are great, and even the bun is pretty delicious. As Samuel L Jackson would say, “Mmm-mmm. That is a tasty burger”

Samuel L Jackson as Jules
“Don’t put words in my mouth”

I’m a big, clumsy oaf, so I have problems eating burgers without the toppings falling out as I try to take a bite. However, Red Robin wraps their sandwiches so that it’s not as big a problem. I like that. It’s the little things that count.

The “famous” fries that come with the sandwich… eh… they are pretty mediocre. Bad even. But that’s alright… I’m already eating a heart-attack on a bun, I don’t really need an endless supply (free fry refills) of fried potato to make it worse.

Final verdict: That’s a good burger.

Kel from Good Burger
No. Just… no.
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