Slylock Fox (1/26/2011) Review

Slylock Fox 1 26 2011

Oh bloody hell… It’s bad enough that this comic features an anthropomorphic mouse running in terror from various predators of the night. Did it really need to include a baby as well? Look at that mouse’s expression… that is a look of abject horror.

I don’t think the mouse is making it out of this one. It’s not like she’s the picture of confidence, but mice rarely are. No, it’s the smug look of satisfaction on the cat, the feigned disinterest on the owl, the morbid curiosity of the rabbit that tells me that this won’t end well. That mouse is going to die and the predators will have to kill the baby too, in order to avoid any Kill Bill style roaring rampages of revenge.

And what the hell is with that rabbit? Does it just want to see some bloodshed? Do rabbits eat mice? I didn’t think so, but at this point I’m not sure.

Let us not forget that the full name of this comic strip is “Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids.” Sorry Slylock, but this ain’t for kids. This is a cartoon version of Predator. If this comic had a second panel, it would feature the cat and owl fighting over scraps of the mouse’s carcass. Maybe the rabbit will be there too, with a switchblade because that’s just how he rolls. And what the hell is in that tree?

Final verdict: This comic will give me nightmares.

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