Fraggle Rock: The Trash Heap Doesn’t Live Here Anymore Review

Fraggle Rock might just be the best kids show of all time. It’s got educational value without being heavy handed, the music’s great, and the show’s just fun to watch.

The main theme of the series is symbiosis. Every creature and species in the series interact with and affect each other, often times without even realizing it. It’s a pretty deep concept for a kids show, but that’s what makes Fraggle Rock great. It respects its audience and isn’t afraid to use symbolism to make its points, unlike modern kids shows, which seem to think that all kids are idiots.

“Swiper no swiping” my ass

In this episode, the Trash Heap (Marjorie) is threatened when the Gorgs decide to build a gazebo in their garden. Since the trash heap is in their way, Junior is going to throw the heap in the river. While I’d usually be up for this kind of pollution (because whoever’s downstream can just suck it) in Fraggle Rock, the trash heap is a living creature. The Fraggles regard her as a sort of Oracle, so it’s important for them to save her.

We learn a little about the Trash Heap in this episode. Notably, every time she moves, she changes in some way. It’s mostly just her voice, but she does seem to become a man at some point.

The Trash Heap

The lesson in this episode is that change is natural and expected, and that nothing really disappears, it just changes. Doc illustrates this by teaching Sprocket (his dog) about the different states of water (ice to liquid water to gas and back again) I appreciate the extra physics lesson, plus the parable is nice, but why is Doc teaching his dog about… well… anything? I think Doc might be insane.

Doc Brown
A shared trait among people named Doc

In the end, Wembley and Boober save the day, which is great because they are usually pretty ineffective. And Doc remembers he hates iced tea. It’s a pretty good episode that shows how well Fraggle Rock used symbolism and parables to teach kids lessons without being douchey about it. Plus, there was a sex change. The 80′s were a different time.

Final Verdict: God Damn that theme song is catchy. And the episode’s pretty good too.

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