Pizza Supreme Doritos Review

No matter how Doritos are marketed, there seems to be only two flavors they can make: Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch. Every new flavor that comes out tastes like some combination of those two. Pizza Supreme is not an exception to this. I honestly cannot tell the difference between a Pizza Supreme Dorito and any other “New” flavor.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone though. There’s a reason that Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch have persisted as the flavor staples. If you can really only make two flavors, then those are the two you keep making. Just like if someone is really good at a sport, he probably should keep doing that, instead of say, rapping and movies.

I will use any excuse to post this picture

Even though they all taste the same, does it matter? The people that eat Doritos are usually drinking or high or so fat that they’ll eat whatever’s in front of them. Doritos are a party food, designed for people to shovel handfuls into their face as quickly as possible. The only think keeping people from inhaling them directly is the shape, with all its pointy corners.

barrel cactus
Pictured: What a partially chewed Dorito feels like

I love Doritos, but only while I’m eating them. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten Doritos and then thought to myself “that was a good decision.” There is more regret in a single bag of Doritos than in a month of drunken text messages. I always feel like I need a shower after eating Doritos.

Final verdict: It’s a bag of Doritos. No more and no less.

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3 Responses to Pizza Supreme Doritos Review

  1. Chris says:

    You love Doritos? So does that mean that you are either always drinking or high or so fat that you’ll eat whatever’s in front of you?

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