9 to 5 (2/1/2011) Review

9 to 5 2 1 2011

Hiring a robot to work in your call center kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? If you have to pay the robot, presumably give it benefits, give it a desk and a phone, you might as well hire a person. A person is less likely to turn on you and try to destroy all humans.

Cobra Commander
Less likely, but it’s still possible

And what exactly is the robot handing to the businessman? It’s too big to be a flash drive or memory card. Is it a floppy disk? A cassette tape? Come on, sentient robot person… get with the times.

Is it me or does the business dude have a framed picture on the wall of what appears to be declining profits? Why would he get that framed? I was already questioning his tastes due to the floor length curtains, but there’s a difference between tacky and nonsensical.

Final verdict: The robot is wearing rollerskates. I don’t know why.

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