Saved by the Bell: Mystery Weekend Review

In this episode, the group visits a mansion for a murder mystery game. (For those of you that don’t know, murder mystery games are like living performances where the guests have to figure out who the “murderer” is) It’s one of the few episodes that has nothing to do with the school (or the Malibu Sands beach resort) It’s also just terrible.

No one will ever mistake the kids from Saved by the Bell for great actors. Despite (or maybe because) of that astonishing lack of talent, there’s a certain cheesy charm to the series which is why it’s still fun to watch 20 years later. However, the extras in this episode take bad acting to a new level. They make William Shatner look like a master of subtlety.

William Shatner
Hint: He’s not

Saved by the Bell is a kids show, so I doubt anyone was expecting a really great mystery plot. Still, it’s like they didn’t even try. The big “twist” revolves around a man dressed like a woman. Or at least, I think he’s supposed to be dressed like a woman. He looks as much like a woman as Hulk Hogan.

In the end, Zack solves the mystery and everyone has a good time. Except the viewers of course, who just sat through the worst Saved by the Bell episode ever. The acting is bad, the story destroys any suspension of disbelief, and what the hell is Lisa wearing?

Mystery Weekend Zack and Lisa
Seriously, what the hell Lisa?

Final verdict: I expect more from my awful 90′s children’s show

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