Free Willy 3 (1997) Review

Orcas look like they have huge white eyes, but they don’t. It’s just a dirty trick. Their eyes are small and black, hidden below the big white markings.

Damn liars

Free Willy 3 starts off by introducing us to Max, a young boy whose dad is a fisherman. We see Max at home playing video games… Holy Shit! He’s playing Star Fox! I love that game!

Peppy and Slippy
Sadly, Max doesn’t do a single barrel roll

Surprising no one, Max’s dad is a whaler. He brings Max along with him to teach him the family business (because nothing says family bonding like some good ol’ fashioned poaching.) Of course, there’s no way that he’ll succeed in a kid’s mov…. Holy Shit Again! He just killed the shit out of some whales! This scene would have scarred children everywhere, if they had actually seen this movie (they didn’t)

Anyway, Jessie (the kid from the first two Free Willy movies) is now a teenager, working as a research assistant for a marine biologist. He’s not really the main character this time, since the movie’s more about Max. We meet his boss, who acts like a bitch for no reason and we get the requisite “teenager is inexplicably good at computers” scene. Honestly, nothing that happens here is interesting or really all that important to the story.

Back on the whaling boat, we learn that Max doesn’t really like the senseless killing of all the whales. Wait, a child can be negatively impacted by seeing dozens of adorable and defenseless animals slaughtered? Who knew?

Since bad guys in kids movies are idiots, Jessie and crew quickly learn that they are indeed whalers. Jessie sneaks onto the ship to find proof and meets Max. Then, for some reason, Jessie takes Max out into the ocean to meet Willy… Why a young boy is allowed to go alone into the ocean with a teenager is beyond me. Maybe it’s the rest of his “education”. First he witnesses whale-slaughter then he gets molested by a random teen. It’s all part of the family business I guess.

In the end, Max stands up to his dad, Willy is saved, and Jessie still kinda sucks. Sure, it’s not a good movie, but it’s the second sequel to Free Willy. It’s not like I was expecting Citizen Kane.

Orca 2

This film is bad, but it’s not quite terrible. Its worst crime is just being incredibly boring. The acting among the kids is awful, but the adults really aren’t that bad, and the killer whales are pretty damn cool. It might not sound like much of a compliment to say “It could be worse,” but that really is the highest praise I can give this movie.

Final verdict: It could be worse

But that’s not all! I think it’s important to share this:

After the first Free Willy movie was released, a group of animal activists started the “Free Keiko” campaign. (Keiko was the orca that played Willy) They raised $7 Million and got Keiko freed. Yay, right? Except, in 2003, Keiko beached himself and died.

Yeah… ummm…. good night everybody!

Dog in Orca Costume
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  1. Cody says:

    Omg.. So… Free Willy killed himself in real life? D: What the hell man, you don’t need to tell people that sort of thing.