Pluggers (2/6/2011) Review

Pluggers 2 6 2011

First of all, this isn’t even a joke. Is it supposed to be funny? What’s the punchline? I obvious don’t expect much from Pluggers, but this strip takes it to a new low.

I’ve never been quite sure what a “Plugger” is. I used to think it was a nice way to say redneck. Then I thought it was a middle America, blue collar, Joe the plumber kind of person. There was even a time where I was confident Pluggers were a race of half human, half animal hybrids living in a sterile lab somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Now? I don’t know… a Plugger is middle aged? Is that it?

I’d like to believe there’s some kind of deeper meaning here. A hidden message. Upon closer investigation, it appears that Earl (the dog in the beret) seems to be staring directly at the lyrics.

Zoom of Pluggers 2 6 2011

His eyes are wide with fear as he sees these ethereal lyrics floating above the checkout aisles. Is he going insane? Is it a message from God? The choice of song here is interesting… Earl knows that everywhere he goes, he is being watched. I might be going out on a limb here, but I think the only correct interpretation is that Earl is dying and will soon be facing judgement. But, Earl lives a drab, dull life, free from any sin or temptation so what’s he so afraid of? Maybe he’s afraid that he’s wasted his whole life; he’s going to die without ever once knowing true excitement or pleasure. Earl’s never done anything worthwhile, and after he dies, no one will even notice he’s gone.

Final Verdict: You know you’re a Plugger if you have an existential fear of death.

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