Pluggers (2/11/2011) Review

Pluggers 2 11 2011

What the hell is this comic about? Is there a joke? I honestly have no idea. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Maybe the comics about how Pluggers bought their first microwaves a long long time ago, when microwaves were large and heavy. If that’s the case, why would this “flashback” contain two Pluggers characters that look exactly the same as they do now? Do Pluggers not age? Is that what Plugger means? Are they Highlanders?

Pluggers 2 11 2011 Highlander version
There can be only one!

Maybe the joke is that Pluggers are just very physically weak, with poor upper body strength. However, you’ll notice that the Plugger on the right is a freaking rhino. Rhino’s aren’t exactly known to be dainty.

(There should probably be a picture of a dainty rhino here, but I’m too lazy to make one)

Do Pluggers just enjoy comically oversized and overpowered appliances? Are they the Tim Taylor’s of the animal world? Too bad that microwave looks to be about normal size.

Since I am not getting any closer to figuring this one out, I should probably point out that the comic has two separate boxes prompting the reader to “Write to Pluggers”. Is Pluggers out of ideas? Does Brookins need to beg for readers to submit some “jokes” about Pluggers? I need this strip as review fodder, and because I’d hate to see Brookins actually try to come up with jokes himself, I have edited the strip to be even more appealing to would-be Pluggers writers…

Write to Pluggers
Too subtle?

Final verdict: Write to Pluggers!

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