Slylock Fox (2/16/2011) Review

Slylock Fox 2 16 2011

What an odd situation. The octopus depicted is obviously happy about jewelry because she’s distinctly female. As we’ve all learned with recent Valentine’s Day commercials, females care about jewelry and only jewelry. But what’s with the fish? What the hell is he so happy about?

I can think of a few ideas. Maybe he is just really excited about seeing freakish sea creatures wearing jewelry. Maybe he is the one that discovered the treasure chest, and he’s just happy that someone can actually wear of the things he’s found. Or maybe, just maybe, he proposed to that octopus, and the rest of the treasure represents a dowry.

Unfortunately, this happy engagement can only have a sad ending. That crab over there is about a second away from grabbing the sword and straight up murdering both the fish and the octopus. He has no use for treasure or jewels. No, he will kill only because he sees their happiness and wants it to end. Why would he do this? Because he’s so crabby!

Final verdict: Yes, I wrote this review just so I could make a stupid pun. You got a problem with that?

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