Pluggers (2/18/2011) Review

Pluggers 2 18 2011

Alright Pluggers, that’s enough. You need to just… just stop. Please. Your comic is terrible. It’s never funny, never worth reading, and it never makes sense.

Seriously, there is no joke here. It would have been better if the line was just “Pluggers wear suspenders and a belt.” It still would have been stupid, but at least it would have (kind of) made sense! What the hell is conservative about suspenders and a belt? Are they really that worried about their pants falling down, exposing their no-no parts to the world? Are conservative Pluggers “never nudes”?

I’m almost convinced that the people submitting Pluggers jokes know they’re terrible. It’s like a form of meta-humor. How bad can a Pluggers joke be and still get published? As we can see, they can be pretty damn terrible. Here are my ideas for some future Pluggers comics:

“Pluggers know you should only eat toast in the morning”
“Pluggers can always find their slippers”
“Pluggers remember the good days when a sandwich was considered lunch”
“Pluggers are effing terrible”

With the exception of that last one, each of those “jokes” could easily make it into a Pluggers comic. How do I know? Well, look at these:

“Some Pluggers don’t have a problem remembering people’s names”
“A Plugger’s daily bread was usually baked the day before”
“Pluggers regularly think about retiring”
“Even Pluggers sometimes jump to conclusions”
“Pluggers pay the price when they go too long between aerobic workouts”

All of these were jokes that were actually published in Pluggers. THEY ARE ALL TERRIBLE. THEY DON’T MAKE ANY SENSE, THEY AREN’T FUNNY, AND THEY ARE TERRIBLE.

Final verdict: “Pluggers know that, if you like the comic Pluggers, you are probably missing part of your brain”

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