Nerf Blast a Ball Review

Nerf Blast a Ball
So many memories…

Like any good and decent child of the 80′s, Nerf guns were a big part of my life. What better way to wage war on one’s neighbors or to ambush a little sister until she cried? (But she started it!)

The first Nerf blaster was the Blast a Ball. Its design was incredibly simple. No fancy tricks or gimmicks: Just one ball, one shot. Sure, it really can’t hold a candle to the fully-automatic dart blasters of today, but at least it was better than using our imaginations.

Imagine That
Why do you suck so much, Eddie Murphy?

The Blast a Ball was effective enough, but, kids being kids, we wanted a way to do more damage. A squishy yellow ball barely ever hurt, even at close range, so it wasn’t long before we loaded a golf ball into the blaster. A word of caution: Don’t ever do this. Not because it would hurt like hell. No, doing so would break the Blast a Ball forever. Once a golf ball was jammed into the barrel, there was absolutely no way to get it out.

Or course, we couldn’t just throw away a perfectly good Nerf gun (nevermind the fact that it was no longer “perfectly good”). Instead, we would improvise new uses of the Blast a Ball; namely, it made an incredible bludgeon.

Head bandage
It’s Nerf or Nothing!

The intended ammo was the iconic yellow Nerf ball. This really was a great little piece of foam, but it had its disadvantages. Besides the fact that spongy foam makes for terribly low velocity rounds (which makes it a lot harder to “accidentally” hurt one’s sister), they were also magnets for anything gross. A single mis-fired shot could result in a Nerf ball covered in spiderwebs, or worse, it could end up in a gross puddle of stagnant water. The disgusting poo-ball would have made great ammo, but none of us ever wanted to touch the ball to load it. I lost so many Nerf balls that way…

Nerf balls
Never forget

While it was a great toy back in the day, the Blast a Ball just doesn’t hold up as well today. Modern kids expect more from their toys and the totally 80′s pink and green coloring definitely wouldn’t fly today.

Final verdict: I’d just hate to be the kid that shows up to the Nerf fight with a Blast a Ball to find himself staring down the barrel of this:

Nerf Vulcan
I wants it

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