GameStop Review

GameStop is a unique place. Not because it’s a store that specializes in games. No, it’s unique because where else can you find a specialty store staffed entirely by people that know nothing about their products?

In my entirely not humble opinion, GameStop is the worst store I’ve ever been to. And that includes kitschy dollar stores attached to gas stations. I’d rather pay someone a dollar to kick me in the spine.

Back kick

It can be a little fun to see just how wrong they can be. I recently went to a GameStop hoping to buy an arcade stick for XBox 360. I was told repeatedly that such a product doesn’t exist. So I went next door to Best Buy and bought one. I might be going out on a limb here, but I think that means that such a product does, in fact, exist.

I’m not an employee of GameStop, but I would wager that the employee manual looks a little something like this:

We’re so excited to have you join our GameStop team! Are you ready to treat customers like shit? Because we know we are!

The first rule of GameStop is: The customer is always wrong. No matter what. They could be holding the product that they want to purchase; your only correct response should be “I’m sorry, but that game doesn’t exist. Are you sure you didn’t want to pre-order Madden 2012?”

Madden 2011
Madden games are literally the only video games that exist

The second rule of GameStop is: All customers are scum. When someone walks into your store, make sure you ignore them as much as possible. If they try to talk to you, sigh loudly, then go back to sending text messages to your bros.

Final verdict: GameStop is just terrible. The employees are terrible, the pricing is terrible, and the used games are all sticky and weird (I really don’t want to know why).

I hope to God that’s melted Fudgcicle on there…

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