Dennis the Menace (3/1/2011) Review

Dennis the Menace 3 1 2011

Holy shit that’s creepy. Why does Dennis even want a tooth? For some sort of Voodoo ritual? To put in Dolly’s cereal? Maybe he just wants to caress and love it, as though he were Gollum and the tooth was his precious. No matter what, you can be damned sure he’s going to do something menacing with it.

This strip gives us a good look at Dennis’ bedroom. As expected it’s in a general state of disarray. There also seems to be a pair of glowing eyes under his bed… We can only hope that some sort of monster is going to stop Dennis’ dark tooth-ritual before it starts. In other news, somehow the painting of the sun is being held up with tacks in the BOTTOM of the painting. It’s a miracle of physics, everyone!

I also have to point out the lamp on the dresser. Is that a pink horse lamp? Wow Dennis… I did not know you swung that way. Wait… I just figured it out. The strip is titled Dennis the Menace, right? The comic was created back in 1951, but in all that time we’ve rarely seen Dennis do anything actually menacing. But now I understand. The pink horse lamp tipped me off. Dennis the Menace is actually about the greatest fear of the ’50s and ’60s: The Menace of the Homosexual!

This, my friends, is a clip from the 1961 public service video “Boys Beware.” And that’s why old people are so screwed up.

Final verdict: Dennis the Menace is a thinly veiled warning against homosexual boys. I say we make a stand right now to have this homophobic trash removed from our daily newspapers!

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