Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Xbox 360) Review

I’m a huge fan of Marvel vs Capcom 2. For me, that game represents the last hurrah of a bygone era: the arcade. When it came out over 10 years ago, arcades were already in a decline, but you could still find them all over. It would be rare to go to a mall that didn’t have an arcade tucked away somewhere. And while there were plenty of people playing racing games or Dance Dance Revolution, Marvel vs Capcom 2 was the game that dominated the scene.

It was a great game, filled with a metric shit-ton of characters, great graphics, and sweet gameplay. It’s easy to see why it’s still played today. And that’s why I was so damn excited when I found out that MvC:3 was coming out.

So what can I say about Marvel vs Capcom 3? Only this…

Nervous computer
“The suspense is killing me!”

THIS GAME IS FRICKING AWESOME. I am in love with this game right now. It’s an amazingly pretty game, the character choices are great, and it’s just damn fun to play.

It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. The gameplay is designed so that a single mistake can end your match as you get caught in an unescapable 200 hit combo. It’s also remarkable easy to cheese your way to wins, especially against less experienced players.

God damn Sentinel! What do you have to say for yourself?
“Rocket punch”

But you know what? That cheese is part of the appeal. This game is gloriously chaotic. There’s always a million things happening at once, and it’s amazing. Plus, I can use She-Hulk to beat up Chun-Li. If that’s not the American dream, I don’t know what is.

KFC Double Down
“I could have sworn this was the American dream”

So I love this game. Only time will tell if it holds up for as long as Marvel vs Capcom 2, but right now, I’m having loads of fun, and that’s all that matters. My days are full of proton cannons, shoryukens, berzerker barrages, and servbots, and I love it.

Final verdict: My Xbox Gamer Tag is Dan Reviews. Play against me. But be prepared to have X-23 get all up in your grill.

“I’ll cut you, bitch!”

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