Better Off Ted Review

Goddamn ABC. This show is amazing, and ABC killed it. They killed it like an exterminator would kill an agressive, flaming pigeon.

That thing is just one errant spark away from a total shit-storm

It actually reminds me of Arrested Development. It’s a brilliant comedy and way too good too last. Also, it has Portia de Rossi, so they have that in common too.

Better Off Ted is about life in the offices of Veridian Dynamics. Veridian is an amoral mega-corp and everything they do is hilarious, whether they are creating a panda assassin or forcing an old woman and baby to fight to the death.

There aren’t a lot of shows where I like every character. There’s always at least one boring or douchey or stupid character that I just want to see dead. Sorry Monica (Friends), Tori (Saved By The Bell), or Everyone (Jersey Shore). But that’s not the case with Better Off Ted. Every character is likable and funny. It’s like the family you always wished you had.

Of course, the networks love to kill anything good, and they killed Ted after only 2 seasons. This makes me cry. And I hate crying. Thanks a lot ABC.

“You’re welcome”

Final verdict: This is one of the funniest tv shows I’ve ever seen. And ABC stepped on it like it was a misbehaving kitten.


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One Response to Better Off Ted Review

  1. Drew, you know who I am says:

    RIP Better Off Ted. The world is a much more lame place without you. Dan, I like your review, but the pics are too cartoony. Dude, where’s the pic of the hypersonic sound machine or Chester the carrot (I miss him)? Come on, make it relevant man! lol. Anyway, glad you like the show, definitely my favorite of all time! Never gets old. I have watched every episode at least 3 times. Anywhoo, hope all’s well man.

    Like the website too man. Could you add a search filter, so people could see what else you have reviewed…? like BACON, or something!