Just Dance 2 (Nintendo Wii) Review

Dancing is a great activity because it’s absolutely free. All you need is some music (or not even if you’re kinda crazy) and you can dance. So why the hell would I pay for a game that just lets me dance?

Because of this: As I’ve been told, there’s no wrong way to dance. It’s self-expression. Of course, this isn’t true. I actually have no idea what the right thing to do is, but it’s usually the opposite of what I’m doing. This is why Just Dance 2 can help.

Just Dance 2 is a simple game. You hold the Wii Remote in your right hand, and mimic the dance moves on the screen. Couldn’t be simpler. Now I know what you’re thinking: That will help you learn to dance! That’s actually very incorrect.

You see, while I’m dancing to Just Dance 2, I still look like an idiot. BUT… so does everyone else! What Just Dance 2 does really well, is force everyone to dance like a crazy douche. And it’s an absolute blast.

The controls are questionable at best. The scoring doesn’t seem to care if you’re doing the dance moves correctly or just wiggling the remote back and forth. I’m actually pretty sure the score is just random. But it doesn’t really matter… If you’re playing this game for a score, you’re doing it wrong.

The whole point of this game is have everyone move around in a synchronized fashion, like a very well organized troop of douches. And when everyone gets into it, it’s the most fun you could have sober (But don’t do it sober. It’s so much more fun if you’ve been drinking).

Final verdict: Me and three other guys danced to Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend. And we looked SPECTACULAR.

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One Response to Just Dance 2 (Nintendo Wii) Review

  1. Chase says:

    Proud to say I was one of the 3 guys dancing to Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend.