Big Lob (GI Joe) Character Review

The 1987 GI Joe movie was notable for a few reasons. First, they turned Cobra Commander into an actual cobra…

Cobra Commander actual snake
I don’t know… he looks more like a python to me

Second, the movie featured the classic Cobra battle cry of “Cobra-Lalalalalalalalala!” And third, the movie was our introduction to a whole new class of Joes.

Cobra Commander actual snake choked
Not pictured: New Recruits
Pictured: ????

Like everything from the 80′s, the GI Joe movie was just an excuse to sell more toys. Introducing new characters means the kids all have new things to beg for. (Kids are basically mindless slaves to their cartoons)

He might look silly, but if he told them to kill, you know they would do it

The new recruits, known as the Rawhides, included Jynx, Tunnel Rat, Chuckles, Lt Falcon, Law (and his dog Order), and… Big Lob.

Big Lob was weird. In a movie where a terrorist turns into a giant snake, Big Lob still stood out as silly. Every move he made as accompanied by his own play-by-play (Big Lob makes his move!) The man wore a goddamn basketball jersey into battle.

Big Lob
“Ar-mor? What’s that?”

Even though he was a terrible character, I wanted his toy as a kid. Which sucked for me, because they didn’t release a Big Lob figure until 2010. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s 23 years after the movie was released.

I have to wonder how effective Big Lob would be in a battle. MAYBE you could make the argument that wearing a jersey gives him more mobility in a firefight. But there’s really no strategic value in running constant play-by-play, telling your enemies exactly what you’re doing at all times.

“Thank god for that douche in the jersey!”

Final Verdict: Big Lob really is an awful character. Somewhere in the late 80′s, a frustrated character artist just said “Screw it, I don’t care anymore” and everyone else just went with it. I have to wonder how no one else thought Big Lob was a bad idea…

Yeah, this probably had something to do with it.

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