Pluggers (1/12/2011) Review

Pluggers Comic 1-12-2011  An old lady with one earring isn't hip.  (News flash!)

If I see an old lady with one earring, I would never immediately assume she was trying to be hip. In fact, my line of thinking would be (in order):

1. Pirate
2. Tranny in an old lady costume
3. Pirate again
4. Ineffective mugger
5. Holy shit it’s a giant dog wearing people clothes!

Hip never really crosses my mind. But whatever happened, that girl dog in the back is PISSED about it. Look closer at her eyes:


That’s a murderous rage if I’ve ever seen it (and believe me, I have) What are you so angry about weird dog lady? Are you upset that this old lady dog looks more hip than you do? Are you upset over the fact that it’s illogical for you to have hair like a person would, even though you, as a dog, are covered in fur? Maybe you’ve noticed that this old “woman” is stealing all the color in the world? Maybe it’s not a woman at all. Maybe it’s an alien beast thing…

Holy Crap Big Scary Face Picture!
Or Rush Limbaugh in drag

Final Verdict: Thank you Pluggers, for reminding me that old people sometimes forget things.

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