Gadget (Rescue Rangers) Character Review

Oh Gadget… I used to have such a crush on you.

So hot

Also, replace “used to” with “still”.

Like many boys that grew up in the late 80′s and early 90′s, I watched Rescue Rangers. And it was a pretty good show (with a damn good theme song). But the real reason we all watched was always Gadget.

She taught us all how to be men.

Just look at her! Those form fitting coveralls. The iconic goggles. She had the whole package! And it wasn’t just about looks either. Gadget was the smartest character on the show and her inventions were awesome. She basically MacGyver’d her way through each episode, making sweet-ass gadgets out of bottle caps and safety pins.

I know I’m not alone here either. A simple Google Image Search for “Gadget Hackwrench” will return so much animated porn that your computer automatically calls Chris Hansen, just in case. In the 90′s, a survey conducted by Disney found that Gadget was the most popular female Disney character, ahead of Belle, Ariel, and even Minnie Mouse. There is a cult in Russia that worships Gadget. No, really.

Gadget cult
No, really.

Final verdict: Ooh, Gadget you’re a fine girl. What a good wife you would be.

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