Pluggers (4/27/2011) Review

Pluggers 4 27 2011

Wait… the grandma is a chicken. And the grandkid is a… bear? Dog? I honestly can’t tell. But it sure as hell isn’t a chicken.

Whatever. There’s always adoption. So yes, I can buy that part. The worse part is the line about “make sure no cats are around.” Since he’s fetching the utensils from the sandbox, the implication is that the cats would poop in there. And that’s the problem with anthropomorphic animals; Are cats functioning members of society, like dogs, bears, and chickens? Are they still animals compared to their human-like counterparts? Are they, perhaps, more human than regular cats, but not quite fully evolved like the rest of the Pluggers cast? Are they… “special”? Because if the implication of this comic is that retarded people are going to come poop in my sandbox… well… even I think that’s offensive. (But I’ll probably get rid of my sandbox, just in case)

I’m also fairly disgusted by the idea that Pluggers would use the same measuring cups and spoons that their grandchildren play with in the sandbox. I’m willing to bet she won’t even wash them. This is why I won’t eat anything prepared by a giant, anthropomorphic chicken. (Also, chickens don’t have hands. How could she even cook anything? Does she use her beak to hold the spoon? You know what? I’m probably thinking much too hard about this.)

Final verdict: Pluggers continues to be a terrible comic / reliable source for review fodder.

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2 Responses to Pluggers (4/27/2011) Review

  1. Jay says:

    Please start drawing your own wonderful comic strip so that I too can have a self-aggrandizing website devoted to my own inner voice, witty (childish) replies and “hiding-behind-a-website” internet tough-guy verbosity. Please make sure your comics are read by people across the U.S. and stand the test of time. I will wait by the computer to download your first panel. Pluggers is just a comic strip and you have to actually GO TO a site to find it so why bother? Leave the creative stuff to those that actually make something other like and quit living off of the energies of others.


    • Dan says:

      But living off the energies of others is what gives me purpose! I’ll make you a deal: As soon as Gary Brookins starts drawing a wonderful comic strip, I’ll start working on my own. As long as he produces Pluggers, I’ll just sit back and be quietly snarky, hiding behind my website.

      On a side-note, it seems that I’m an internet tough-guy! That’s news to me, and frankly, I’m ecstatic. I’ve always wanted to be a tough guy… I need to go find a nerd to beat up.