The Office: Goodbye, Michael Review

Well… I made it through this episode without crying. Yay?


This episode marked the departure of Steve Carell’s Michael Scott from The Office. For 7 seasons, Michael Scott has been… well.. the most important character on the show. The supporting cast is great, but that’s just what they are… supporting cast. Michael Scott is the reason that everything worked. (Which, is ironic, since he’s the reason the employees didn’t work. See what I did there?)

Alanis Morissette
“I don’t get it”

(On an unrelated side-note: How the hell did Alanis Morissette land Ryan Reynolds?)

This episode was a fitting send-off for Michael. It wasn’t great, or even very memorable, but it worked. Steve Carell got to play Michael as sweet and naive, the way Michael Scott should be. Over the past 7 seasons, the character has sometimes lost his focus. Sometimes he’s too much of a jerk-ass and others he’s just too stupid to be believable. He’s at his best when he’s well-intentioned, but his insecurities get in the way of doing things right.

We actually get a good look in this episode of how the Holly story-line is the perfect send-off for Michael… She’s just as goofy and insecure as he is, and through each other, they find that person they can be wholly comfortable with.

Of course, all of this goes to show why the Will Ferrell character is TERRIBLE. His character Deangelo is full-on crazy, and it’s just not believable in this universe. He’s just grating and it’s a damn shame because I love Will Ferrell.

Ryan Reynolds
But he’s no Ryan Reynolds

There were a few really funny moments in this episode: Creed drinking from the World’s Best Boss cup, Andy losing a top client within minutes, and everything regarding the party planning committee. But the focus of the episode was heart-warming versus funny. And, while the sweet stuff was alright, it seemed a little forced.

Yes, I do think the paintball fight with Dwight was great. And Jim’s goodbye to Michael was perfect. But the other stuff just didn’t feel right… Michael was nice to Toby? He was excited about the hand-knitted mittens? And what was the deal with the Pam scene? It seems alright at first blush, but… how did she get past security? Did she buy a ticket just so she could say goodbye to Michael? Wouldn’t that money be better spent just… I don’t know… visiting Colorado? Maybe she didn’t buy a ticket and what we saw ended seconds before TSA tackled her to the ground.

And then comes the cavity search

Final verdict: Meh… it wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t the best episode ever. I don’t know what the show will be like without Michael Scott, but I am worried about the future…

Back to the Future
Something about hoverboards not working on water…

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