Marmaduke (5/17/2011) Review

Marmaduke 5 17 2011

I don’t think Marmaduke is scared of a spider at all. No, I think that the owner-lady walked in on some afternoon loving and the owner-man made up some flimsy excuse to throw her off the scent. Nice try, owner-man, but we all know what was going on.

The more important concern is: Was it consensual? Did owner-man just get raped? Is he afraid for his safety? Because I think Marmaduke would not hesitate to bite owner-man’s head off, in order to keep his terrible secret safe.

But, for the sake of being objective, let’s examine this comic at face value. Maybe Marmaduke really is afraid of a spider in his house. Is that funny? I guess it’s funny in an “elephant afraid of a mouse” kind of way, but it just seems like a bit of a lazy joke. And frankly, I expect more terror from my Marmaduke comics. Nothing short of Cthulhu, the cosmic horror, should scare Marmaduke… and to be honest, I think Marmaduke might just BE Cthulhu. That would have to be one hell of a spider to scare Marmaduke, and since I can’t see 12-foot long legs sticking out from under the house, I’m pretty sure that it’s not.

Final verdict: So yeah… this is a comic about owner-man and Marmaduke having sex. And owner-lady catching them in the act. What will happen next? Will the owners get a divorce? Will she join them in the most disgusting three-way ever envisioned? Will Marmaduke just eat them both? Honestly… I don’t care.

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One Response to Marmaduke (5/17/2011) Review

  1. Melissa says:

    Did somebody order the rape?