Green With Envy – Teaser Trailer Review

Watch this. Now.

Okay, now if you haven’t watched it, don’t read the rest of this review. I mean it.

No seriously.

Last chance.

Alright then. This trailer is brilliant. Without really showing, well, anything, I’m more hyped for this film than for any other film this year. Sure, they could just show the title drop and I’d be excited, but the execution of the trailer fills me with hope that they actually know what they’re doing.

People forget that the Muppets are actually a damn funny property. Sure, kids love them, but the jokes have always been designed to appeal to an adult audience. This tongue-in-cheek trailer is a great example of the kind of self-aware humor the Muppets have been doing for decades.

I love how ballsy this trailer is. Sure, lots of trailers start with a fakeout. But the reveal is usually within 15 seconds and always within 30 seconds. But this trailer goes almost a full minute before revealing the twist. It’s comfortable enough in the weight of the fakeout to drop only one clue that this movie might be more than it seems (at 44 seconds, look at the cover of the GQ magazine). It’s a great trailer and I’m incredibly excited for the movie.

Final verdict: This is how teaser trailers are done properly. Also, they brought back Thog (the giant blue Muppet). I love little things like that.

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