The Hangover Part II (2011) Review

The first Hangover movie was a revelation. It’s the kind of movie that is funnier each time you see it and has the perfect mix of raunchy vs heart-warming comedy. It’s also kind of a brilliant play on the crime procedural method of story-telling. The whole movie is basically a detective movie, with the guys finding the clues and figuring out just what the hell happened the night before.

Hangover chicken
But they never do explain the chicken. Why was there a chicken?

The Hangover Part II is the Hangover Part I. And by that I don’t mean that it’s as good as the first one. I mean it IS the first one. The characters are the same, the jokes are the same, even the situations are pretty much the same. This isn’t a good thing.

I love the first Hangover movie. But I don’t need to pay 10 bucks a ticket to watch it again. I already own it on Blu-Ray… I can watch it as much as I want, in the comfort of my own home. And popcorn at my apartment doesn’t cost $5,000 a bag.

Now with interest-free financing!

That isn’t to say that I didn’t laugh. I did, but never as long or hard as I did with the first movie. I just kept waiting for the movie to shock and surprise me and it never did. Everything felt predictable. The first Hangover movie was a lot of things, but it was never predictable.

There is a cute monkey in the film, but even that seems wasted. Monkeys are already funny enough. You don’t have to dress them up and make them do zany things to make them funny. Every bit with the monkey seemed forced and that made it less funny.

That actually sums up a lot of the problems with this film… it never seems real. As insane as things got in the first movie, it always felt like, under the right circumstances, it really could happen to you. Part II never really has that feeling… they forced the crazy situations and the movie is never as funny as it should be because of it.

Final verdict: It made me laugh, but so do Youtube videos about kittens playing in tissue boxes. This one’s really not worth the money.

Kitten in tissue box
Pictured: Funnier than the Hangover Part II

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