Netflix Review

I very recently started using Netflix. I don’t really know why I took so long to get into it… I’m just a rebel I guess.

James Dean
You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor

So my big question is: Why the hell wasn’t I using Netflix earlier? This thing is amazing. Without leaving my living room, I can watch the complete series of Rocko’s Modern Life. I can watch a movie about robot geishas. Hell, I just watched a documentary about beavers (nature’s architect). News flash: Beavers are adorable.


The service does spoil you though. “You mean I have to have Surf Ninjas MAILED to me if I want to watch it? THIS IS BULLSHIT” Go back in time 10 years ago and try to explain Netflix to somebody. And not the shitty mail service Netflix either, but the instant streaming Netflix. They will burn you at the stake as a witch.

Witch burning at the stake
I’m pretty sure they still did this in 2001.

Final Verdict: Netflix is an amazing type of magic and I love it, but dear lord to I get angry when a movie is DVD only. Frankly, I find that aspect of my personality charming, and you would all love to see me throw a tantrum about not being able to instantly watch Birdemic.

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One Response to Netflix Review

  1. Christopher Schultz says:

    Wow, about time Nooch. I wish they had The Simpson’s on the watch instantly.