True Blood Season 3 Review

While I enjoy watching Twilight simply because it’s so bad, I actually like True Blood. It just goes to show that vampires can be interesting, as long as they’re not all sparkly.

Edward sparkle
Why does he look like a 15 year old girl’s cell phone cover?

I was actually worried going into Season 3. Season 1 was amazing and Season 2 was… well, it was poop. Sure, the side story with Jason and the Fellowship of the Sun was pretty interesting, but on the whole, Season 2 just wasn’t any good. It focused way too much on Tara, and she’s such an aggravating character that I punch myself in the face everytime she’s on screen.

Head wound
“You’re so boring!”

Thankfully, Season 3 pushes her further into the background. In fact, Season 3 seems to focus the most on Eric, and he’s probably the best character on the show. You get to learn more about his human past and see how much he actually cares for the other characters around him. It’s a shame the show focuses so much on Sookie, because Eric’s really much more interesting.

Speaking of Sookie, I really only like her on the show for one reason: It’s hilarious when Bill says her name. “Sookeh!” “SOOKEHHHHH” Try it, it’s fun.

Anyway, Season 3 is good. Much better than the second season, but not quite as good as the first. They did tone down a lot of the graphic sex in Season 3, which was actually a welcome change since it was pretty distracting in the previous seasons. It gives the show more time to focus on interesting stories, and while not all of the storylines in Season 3 work, more of them hit than miss.

Final Verdict: SOOOOKEHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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