Nyan Cat

This is the best thing ever.

Let’s discuss. First, we have a kitten wearing (or made of?) a Pop Tart. A cherry Pop Tart to be precise. Now, I don’t really like cherry Pop Tarts. I always preferred strawberry. But damnit, if the kitten is going to be a cherry Pop Tart… I just can’t complain.

This kitten also leaves behind a trail of rainbows as he flies through space. That phrase was made of 100% awesome. I’d like to believe that this kitten had built up so much pure awesomeness inside it’s body that it unleashed in a torrent of rainbows, the power of which launched the kitten right into space. And this kitten is loving it. He just keeps smiling and flying through space.

I have to make a comment on the music. This song could be considered annoying. Hell, I thought it was annoying the first time I saw it. But I keep watching it. Over and over again. Every day. Every night. The Nyan Cat follows me every where I go and watches over me as I sleep. He is my guardian angel.

Final verdict: There have been a lot of great cats on the internet. Lord knows I’ve spent hours watching keyboard cat and surprised kitten. But Nyan Cat is able to elicit feelings in me that no other cat can. He makes me feel pure and undiluted happiness. I love you Nyan Cat.

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  1. This is… interesting to say the least :D