Captain America (2011) Review

Yay America!

So here’s the next movie in the Avengers franchise. It’s funny that the penultimate Avengers flick is the one that introduces the “first Avenger”, but I guess Cap is a tough sell (although I can’t imagine he’s harder to sell than Thor). Maybe people just don’t care about Amurrica the way they used to.

This film mostly takes place around World War II and as such, is full of Cap punching Nazis (or Hydra, which is basically a group of super Nazis. Because if there’s any historical villain that needs to be even more evil, it’s the Nazis.) It’s pretty easy to see that this film draws a lot of influence from everyone’s favorite Nazi-punching badass, Indiana Jones. And Captain America actually does a great job emulating Indy. In fact, I’m tempted to call Captain America the 4th film in the Indiana Jones franchise.

Wait… you say there was a 4th film already? Crystal Skull? Never heard of it. AND YOU DIDN’T EITHER. (Trust me on this one… you’re better off believing that movie never existed)

So it’s a fun movie but it’s got a pretty bittersweet / downright sad ending. That’s just the nature of the Captain America story, so be prepared for that. Thankfully, if you stay after the credits, you get to see a kick-ass trailer for The Avengers, so that’ll cheer you up.

I only have one real complaint about this film: I want to come out of a movie like this feeling pumped. For America. I want to go out and punch a Nazi. For America. I want to bleed red, white, and blue. FOR AMURRRICAA. But I didn’t really get that out of this movie. It’s a missed opportunity.

Final Verdict: I really liked this one. It’s not quite as good as Iron Man or the new Batman movies, but it’s a hell of a lot better than shit like Transformers 3.

Yay America!

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