Mistborn Review

Like any other super cool person, I like the occasional fantasy book. I’m not the biggest fan in the world (I still haven’t been able to finish Lord of the Rings, aka “It’s Been Like 500 Pages And They’re Still In the God-damn Shire! And Who The Hell Is Tom Babadil?”), but I do love me some Harry Potter. There’s just something special about a really well-made fantasy book, where the world is thought-out in detail. It almost feels like you’re reading about a place that could almost be real.

So in my pursuit of good fantasy, I came across the Mistborn trilogy, by Brandon Sanderson. And it’s hella sweet.

The series takes place in a post apocalyptic (but still somewhat reminiscent of medieval Europe) world, where life is ruled with an iron fist by the living god, the Lord Ruler. We follow a beautiful young girl named Vin, who finds out she’s a Mistborn. Mistborn are people that have access to powerful magic by eating metal (it makes sense in context).

Vin Diesel
Isn’t she lovely?

What makes the series so compelling is how well planned every aspect of the story really is. There are seemingly insignificant details from the first book that come back in big ways in the last book. There’s not a wasted word (in over 2100 pages total). And the magic system is incredibly well thought out.

In a lot of fantasy books (Harry Potter included), magic is treated as the author’s trump card. Anytime something seems inescapable, there’s some new magic spell ass-pull that can save the characters. It’s cheap and easy and really shitty story telling.

Time Turner
I’m looking at you, Time Turner.

Not so in Mistborn. Every aspect of the magic system makes sense and there’s none of that shitty “Power of Love” magic that shows up all the time.

Ma-Ti sucks. But he has a pet monkey. Monkeys are awesome.

Final Verdict: I really liked this series. The books are long (about 700 pages each), but they are worth the time investment. Highly recommended.

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