Mario’s Picross (1995) Review

As I’ve said before, I’m loving my 3DS. Beyond the wizardry involved in the 3D screen, we also get access to Nintendo’s Virtual Console. This is an online store that sells older Nintendo games (games that you might have originally played on the Game Boy or Game Boy Color). A lot of Game Boy games really haven’t aged well, but there are still a few gems buried in the piles of poo.

One of these gems is Mario’s Picross. It’s basically a crossword puzzle with numbers (but not totally lame like Sudoku). I’m not going to go into the details about how to play, but the goal for each puzzle is to make a picture by uncovering the correct squares. It’s simple, it’s fun, and god damn it’s addictive.

This is another one of those “I’ll just play one more then I’ll put it down except we both know I’ll say the same thing as soon as this puzzle is done and I probably won’t stop playing until my eyes start bleeding and maybe not even then” games. The concept is so simple and the results (a completed picture) are so tangible that you just never want to stop playing. Ever.

Plus, Mario is an archaeologist in this game. Like Indiana Motherf###ing Jones. Hells yeah.

Final Verdict: If you have a 3DS (or a Game Boy) then play this game. If you have a DS, go buy Picross DS. And then, I’ll see you in about a year. You won’t see me though. Because your eyes will be bleeding. But in a good way.

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2 Responses to Mario’s Picross (1995) Review

  1. melissa says:

    sudoku lame?…pfft