Family Circus (1/14/2011) Review

Family Circus 01 14 2011

Here we see Jeffy in his natural habitat… acting like a whiny little shit. Seriously Jeffy, does it matter what shape the crackers are in? And where do you even find triangle crackers? (Chips don’t count)

And why is the mom handing Jeffy a cracker? Clearly he’s old enough to feed himself and he has a cracker on his plate so he can reach it as well. Maybe she’s taking it away from him? “If Jeffy doesn’t shut up, I swear to God I’ll starve him…”

But there’s something else about this comic that seems off… Something I can’t quite put my finger on…

Zoom of Family Circus

Hmm… I know there’s something odd about it… Something….

Box of Crack-ers
That’s it

Final verdict: Jeffy is a crack addict.

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