Crittenton Hospital (Rochester MI) Review

I recently got to spend the night at the Crittenton in Rochester. What can I say? You’d be better off staying at a Motel 6! I mean, I wasn’t expecting the Hilton, but jeez…

First off, the room, if you can call it that, was atrocious. No actual door (just a curtain), no room service, and a non-stop beeping that kept me up all night. It didn’t even have it’s own bathroom! I had to walk down the hall to use the restroom, which didn’t even include a shower. What if I had a business meeting in the morning?

And what the hell was with the security measures? I know you don’t want people to trash the room and ditch, but do you really need to take a blood sample before letting guests stay the night? That seems really extreme to me.

The decor was similarly horrible. There’s nothing calming about stark white walls and floors. While it looked clean, it was way too hard to relax.

Final Verdict: Next time, I’m going to splurge and stay at the Hilton.

UPDATE: I’ve just been informed that the big “H” on a square, blue road sign does NOT stand for Hotel. How the hell was I supposed to know that?!?

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  1. Fantine says:

    Ho ho, who wodlua thunk it, right?