Hobo With A Shotgun (2011) Review

Hobo With A Shotgun is exactly what it sounds like… it’s a movie about a hobo. A hobo with a shotgun.

It started out as a joke, a fake trailer shown during the movie “Grindhouse”. Like Machete, it later became a real movie. Also like Machete, it’s full of violence and insanity.

Unfortunately, that’s where the similarities end. Machete is fun and silly. Hobo With A Shotgun is brutal, gory, and more than a little sad.

I don’t know… maybe I’m not the intended audience. Maybe there’s someone out there that wants to see limbs graphically smashed or ground up, that wants to see heads exploding left and right. Someone that wants to see children burn to death. (Yes, that does happen in this movie)

It’s not that I don’t like violence. I’m a fan of the old fashioned ultra-violence. But the violence in this movie is just cruel. I can’t cheer for it the way I cheer for Machete using a man’s intestines as an escape rope. Watching this film, I just felt a little shell-shocked.

I actually love the base concept: A hobo is fed up of all the violence he witnesses and takes things into his own hands the only way he can. That can be a great recipe for a silly action movie. It can also be interesting in a serious character based drama. This movie is stuck somewhere in between, and I think it suffers for it.

The other problem I have with this film is the gore is just too brutal. I know there are people out there that like super gory and violent films. The people that watch movies like Cannibal Holocaust or Mermaid In A Manhole. But there’s also people that masturbate to a giant gay bear with googly eyes. It doesn’t mean they’re bad people (but they probably are). What’s the appeal of watching a woman’s hand get thrust into a spinning lawn mower blade? It’s not fun. It doesn’t get my adrenaline pumping. It just makes me sick to my stomach. What the hell’s wrong with you people? Why do you like this? Go call your mom and apologize. I don’t know what you’re apologizing for, but I’m sure you’ve done something to disappoint her. Because you’re sick.

Final Verdict: A nice concept that ultimately doesn’t work because it tries to be too serious. Also, it’s too damn violent. What’s the point?

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