The Great Puzzle Challenge: The Chase Begins Answer

Congratulations to Team Squeak! The only team with the correct answer (Naples, FL). For that, they get 2 points. But, it’s still early so it’s still anyone’s game.

A lot of you figured out that the puzzle had something to do with Scrabble. Besides the fact that she flat-out used the word scrabble, she also said “Bingo” (using all your tiles in one move), tile, Butts (Alfred M Butts was the in…ventor of Scrabble). But that’s only 1/2 of the puzzle.

The second part was the word “Charm”. She dropped a few hints about this too: Her BlackBerry model was a Charm, she said the words lucky (Luck Charms), bracelet (charm bracelet), snakes (snake charmer), and attractive (charming).

So, what happens if you spell out “Charm” using Scrabble tiles? Well, the scores for each letter would be 3-4-1-1-3. Which is the zip code of Naples, FL. That Carmen sure is tricky!

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