The Great Puzzle Challenge: (Title Missing)

You arrive in Dublin, but yet again, there’s no sign of Carmen or the Dam. You are, however, able to find a witness: a local hotel manager. He rented her a room just two days ago! Excited, you rush to the hotel to examine the room…

It’s tidy inside; everything is in order. In fact, the only thing out of place is a single sheet of paper sitting on the nightstand. Here’s what it says:

“Everybody is always like, ‘Kelly, you are anorexic.’ And I’m like, ‘No I’m not.’ I eat all kinds… I eat so much junk food, you wouldn’t believe it. I’d have a heart attack…”
“So you big time now, huh? You’re the ‘Eminem’ of the barber world now, huh?”
“Flat, glossy, iridescent? What the hell does that mean? Juli Baker has always seem plain to me. Until now.”
“So what kind of name is Bressant?”
“Harvey. I’m Harvey”
“And I am the one who comes in His name.”
“Awww, the big bad tigey-wigey gets left behind. Poor Tigey-Wigey.”
“If I were your wedding, I’d be sleeping with one eye open.”
“Remember that time in tenth grade when we got kicked out of class for playing with Matchbox cars? Who’s the retard now?”
“Twilight, what did we talk about in class? Throw it through her, not at her.”
“Cut off our eggrolls? Oh hell no! We gotta get out of here! Don’t give up!”

It has to mean something, but what? Carmen isn’t the type to leave something like this behind without a reason. Does she want you to decipher it? Track her down?

Ah well, first things first (and one thing at a time). Can’t do things out of order… You have to figure this out and follow Carmen to wherever she went…

Please send your answers to The deadline is 11:59 PM of next Monday (12/5/11).

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