The Great Puzzle Challenge: Question 3 Solution

Congrats to the two teams that got Question 3 right! The score now is: Team Squeak 6, Team Me 2. There’s still plenty of game left though, so even a team that hasn’t scored yet could still come back and win.

For question 3, all of the quotes provided are quotes from different movies. If you followed the clues and put them in chronological order, the first letter of each quote would spell out “…CAESARSHIFT”. Caesar shift is a type of cypher where you move each letter over a set number of places. But what do you move over?

The second part of the puzzle is to find the title of each film referenced. This is hinted at by the (Title Missing) name of the question. When you take the first letter of each title (in chronological order), you get RILBETGMBFB. Caesar shift that 7 places and you get: YPSILANTI MI.

Carmen’s in Ypsilanti.

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