Pluggers 6/7/2016

Pluggers 6/7/16

Okay, well, there’s certainly a lot to unpack here.

First, did you know that NCIS is the second longest running, non-animated, scripted primetime show? That sounds incredibly specific, but really, all that does is cut out things like the news, game shows, and The Simpsons (which has been on the air since the dawn of man)

And God said “Let there be light” and someone responded “Simpsons already did it”

Anyway, that’s interesting because… NCIS isn’t that good. It’s not bad by any means, but there’s really nothing special enough about it for it to be on its THIRTEENTH season. Shit. And Firefly couldn’t even get a second season. Thanks Obama. The reason for the longevity? Old people. Old people fricking love NCIS. They eat it up like Werthers Originals.

So that’s the joke here. Pluggers are usually depicted as older, middle class, middle America, kind of lame, presumably white, every day Joes. So, yes, they would probably love watching NCIS. But there’s a problem here. They aren’t really depicted as every day middle Americans are they? No, they are depicted as sentient animal-man hybrid monstrosities. And that’s why today’s strip is such an amazing experience.

You see, the caption clearly implies that Chicken Plugger Lady is not talking to her husband. She’s talking to the dog. But her husband is a dog. I’m sure you can already see why this is a problem.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

But can you see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

This starts to bring us down a horrifying rabbit hole. (Probably dug by a horrifying Rabbit-Man monster) Do Pluggers have pets? Since they are animals themselves, are these pets also sentient? Are they slaves? Since Pluggers are supposed to represent Middle America… does that mean the average middle aged white person is secretly wishing we could bring back slavery?

Actually… don’t answer that. I’m pretty sure I already know the answer.

Confederate Flag flying white people

I don't even have the energy to make a joke here. I hate people.

Final Verdict: You know, this comic would have been fine if they just used any other animal for the husband. Heck, we’ve seen comics with bears and rhinos. Why would they use the dog character? But, since they did, I am forced to conclude that all Pluggers are slave owning racists. And they friggin LOVE NCIS.

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