Marmaduke (1/15/2011) Review

Marmaduke 1 15 2011

I’ll admit, this is the first Marmaduke I ever actually laughed at. It’s legitimately funny!

Of course, the next step if for the little girl to unplug the computer and burn it. Marmaduke has been terrorizing their family for years, and freedom is finally at hand. You can tell that she’s thinking about it… it’s the classic art of prestidigitation. Her right hand is making a large movement to distract Marm while her left hand slowly goes for CTRL + ALT. Then she just has to make a quick jab at DELETE and bam, no more demon dog.

It’s fitting that Marmaduke is finally done in by his own computer. (You can tell it’s his computer because of the bone icon. I wasn’t aware they made computers for dogs, but they make Snuggies for dogs, so I guess it should have been expected) I imagine he spent hours there, plotting his world takeover.

How did he get inside the monitor? It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that he’s there now, and the world is finally at peace.

Final verdict: Freedom!

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